The Need For Speed and New Totals

The “Need For Speed”–sounds like what you need for chasing birds. Actually it a new DreamWorks movie that just finished filming here on the Mendocino coast. It based on a video game and involves “hot” cars and racing. I think it’s been done already. Mendocino is famous for having movies filmed here. Some of them are, East of Eden, Overboard, Same Time Next Year, The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming, Dying Young, etc. Let’s not forget Cujo and also TV’s, Murder She Wrote.

DreamWorks has closed off whole roads to film. People could expect long waits when traveling in the area of the filming. Last Thursday I made it over to Ukiah again. I’ve been over there four times this year already and at $5.00 round trip I’m still under what it would cost if I took my truck over once. On the way back the bus got caught up in some filming. I was able to get some pictures of some of the cars as we went by. I wonder what their carbon footprint is when they film? 

My new totals are 174 bird species with over 871 car miles saved. Got the Common Gallinule at Mendocino College on my second try for it. Got a Common Yellowthroat and a Grasshopper Sparrow at the Ukiah Waste Treatment Plant. Thank you Steve for the GRSP. While waiting for the bus to pick me up for my SOS Survey I saw 12 Caspian Terns fly over. Not as good as my best “waiting” for the bus bird, a Peregrine Falcon, but pretty good. I did see my best “riding” the bus birds that day, Purple Martins flying over the Caspar Creek Bridge. There has been a Ross Goose on Pudding Creek and while viewing it, my second Glaucous Gull of the year went by. They are even rarer in the Spring. Several Long-billed Dowitchers were also at Pudding Creek. A little over a week ago I found a Semipalmated Plover at Ward Ave.


New Totals

As of this date I’m up to 165 species with a savings of over 725 car miles. Finally seeing some migrates coming in. Added Pacific-slope Flycatcher at the Botanical Gardens, Osprey in Noyo Harbor, Pigeon Guillemont off the Mendocino Headlands, Barn Swallow at the Little River Airport, and Pileated Woodpecker almost in my backyard.

New Totals.

The new totals as of today are 134 species with a savings of 255 miles. The best birds todate are the Gray Jays at the Little River Inn and the Winter Marbled Godwit and Dunlin at Virgin Creek. Throw in 2 Rock Sandpipers at Virgin Creek. Mendocino is the furthest south that they are regularly(but still rare) seen.

The mileage is a rough estimate and undercounted. It’s undercounted because of my parttime job as a driver for an assistant living facility here at the Woods. Many times I will go birding while waiting for a resident at the doctor or denist office.

Totals as of Today

As you can see most of these posts have been learning experiences for me. I sometimes doubt that I will take the time to really write a blog. I’m not a writer or someone who can easily put down their thoughts and the time constrains are a factor but I do hope to give you some totals as to how I’m doing every month.

So far in just 22 days of the new year I have seen 114 birds species and have saved at least 170 miles of using my own vehicle. This just includes three SOS (Save Our Shorebirds) Surveys and a bus trip to Ukiah (a first for me). In future posts I will tell you how that happened.