Big Red Crossbill Day at the Little River Airport

I was coming back from my weekly walk at the Little River Airport when I noticed a tree in the distance. I could see about ten Red Crossbills in the tree. I had been hearing Red Crossbills all morning. After watching them for a little while, the flock exploded out of the tree and I could see that there were more then 10. I estimated about 34. I always seem to underestimate flock size so I took a picture of the flock. When I got home I counted the Crossbills in Photoshop. There were 62. I should just double my estimates and I would be closer to the actual. In any case, that’s a new high for me.

This Time I’m Going to Wrap The Words Around a Picture.

Airport looking westThis is the Little River Airport looking west. Today I had a 40 species day at the airport. The birds of the day were a Double-crested Cormorant(fairly rare at the ponds), male and female Hooded Mergansers (seen regularly at this time of year) and a male Ring-necked Duck (only the second time). There was a large flock of Red Crossbills (about 24) that flew over the ponds at the west end.

So far I’m up to 76 species for the year in my green birding adventure.