Time For a Good News Post

I haven’t done a “good” news post in some time. “Good” news isn’t hard to find. Most of it is people taking up the cause of making the planet a better place.

I will start with this piece of information. “In 2012, energy-related carbon emissions in the United States declined 3.8 percent even as global carbon dioxide emissions rose 1.4 percent, according the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The recorded 5.29 million metric tons of carbon dioxide amounted to the largest decline since 1994, continuing a downward trend that started in 2007. EIA attributed last year’s decrease to several factors, including a mild winter and alterations in energy consumption for transportation. Notably, U.S. power plants reduced their carbon emissions by 10 percent between 2010 and 2012. The overall energy-related emissions decline occurred in tandem with an increase in gross domestic product and energy output.”

BUT–“The downward trend may not last…” At least it shows that we can do it. I would like to think that I had a small part to play in the decline:-) This Grist article explains why we have to do more.

WEST COAST STATES AND BC TO LINK CLIMATE POLICIES–This AP article explains, “In an agreement announced Monday, the governors of California, Oregon, Washington and the environment minister of British Columbia, Mary Polak, will place a price on greenhouse gas pollution and mandate the use of cleaner-burning fuels.”

Major Pension Funds Ask for Climate Change Study–This ABC News article states, “Some of the largest pension funds in the U.S. and the world are worried that major fossil fuel companies may not be as profitable in the future because of efforts to limit climate change, and they want details on how the firms will manage a long-term shift to cleaner energy sources.” This goes back to one of my posts called, “So—What’s The Hurry??” It explains that ” In sum, 80 percent of all fossil fuel reserves would have to remain untouched to prevent uncontrollable warming,”

Middle-Class Homeowners Are Leading the Rooftop Solar Revolution in the U.S. This story can be found here.

280MW solar plant in Arizona can produce power 6 hours after the sun goes down. You can find this story here. The system uses molten salt. A better link is here.

First Practical Sun-Powered Car Stella Wins World Solar Challenge 2013

This article titled, “Memo to sceptics of a low-carbon world – ‘it’s happening” states, “It’s not an exhaustive survey of global climate action, we make no claims for its comprehensiveness. It is a ticker tape of examples from around the world of individuals, communities, businesses and yes even other countries putting in place the building blocks of a low-carbon world.”

Electric Car Sales For 2013 Are Up Over 440 Percent From This Time In 2012.  

Researchers Just Hit A New World Record In Solar Cell Efficiency.

Electric Car Breaks Vehicle Acceleration World Record By Traveling 0-62 mph in 2.15 Seconds! 

Carbon-Free, Biologically-Grown Bricks Win Green Business Competition.

GoSun Solar Cooker Heats up to a Sizzling 550° F in Minutes. A better link is here.

How Algae Could Create Better, More Efficient Gasoline Than Corn. This might not make Iowa farmer happy.

A work of art: Crayola turning markers into fuel

How The Power Of Ocean Waves Could Yield Freshwater With Zero Carbon Emissions.

Redox Power Plans To Roll Out Dishwasher-Sized Fuel Cells That Cost 90% Less Than Currently Available Fuel Cells. This Forbes article states, “Redox says that it plans to bring to market a fuel cell that is about one-tenth the size and one-tenth the cost of currently commercial fuel cells by 2014…it will provide safe, efficient, reliable, uninterrupted power, on–site and optionally off the grid, at a price competitive with current energy sources…The promise is this: generate your own electricity with a system nearly impervious to hurricanes, thunderstorms, cyber attacks, derechos, and similar dangers, while simultaneously helping the environment.”

I have a few more items I could post but you get the picture. It’s happening.



Good News Before the Bad

As is my practice I’m going to post some good news on this blog because I don’t want it to be totally depressing. 

While the adults have done everything possible to screw this planet up, it’s time to release the young people.

16 year-old develops cleaner, more efficient method of creating biofuel.

15-year-old creates flashlight that runs on body heat.

16-year-old student turns banana peels into bioplastic.

Why are all these young people girls?

“Solar-powered sedan hits Dutch streets”. A team of 22 Eindhoven University of Technology students creates Stella. “‘Stella’ is the first ‘energy-positive car’ with room for four people, a trunk, intuitive steering and a range of 600 kilometers.”

Now let’s hear from the older generation.
89-Year-Old Man Develops Bladeless Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine!
Want to go fast? How about 204.2 MPH in an electric car?
The Solar Impulse touched down at JFK at 11:09 p.m., completing the final leg of the cross-continental journey that started in California in early May. You can find a link on my blog to an earlier posting on the Solar Impulse.
One quarter of all the world’s energy generation will be renewable by 2018.

“The cost of photovoltaic solar panels is expected to drop to 36 cents per watt by 2017″.

That’s it for the “good” news. I will continue to post the “good” as I find it.



How About Some Good News?

In my search for climate change information it seems that it’s getting easy to find bad news and hard to find good news. This post and future ones will try to find the good. So what is the good news?

People and small business are innovating.


More kids just “might” start getting taught about climate change.


The military has begun a transition to efficient and renewable energy. Did you know that our military is the largest single consumer of energy and oil on the planet?


The United States’ carbon emissions from energy production have actually gone down. Mostly due to the recession.


Renewable Energy is on the rise.


Solar energy is creating jobs.


Public transportation is on the rise. It’s probably all because of me:)


So there you have some good news. I feel better now. Will continue to search for more.