Stand Up 4 Transportation Day

This Thursday, April 9th, is national Stand Up 4 Transportation Day. As you know I'm a public transportation supporter so this post is part of my participation in that day. Below I will have a link that will allow you to Be a Voice for Public Transit.

Investment in public transportation:

Creates jobs

Provides access to jobs

Revitalizes business districts and neighborhoods

Enables employers to tap a larger workforce

Boosts commerce

Saves money on infrastructure costs for taxpayers

Public transportation helps consumers save!

Taking public transportation rather than driving saves families an average of $800+ each month, and more than $9,700 annually.

Downtown parking costs an average of $1,995 annually.

94 percent of the average American household’s transportation expenses go toward buying, maintaining, and operating cars.

All forms of public transportation are more energy efficient than cars. Every day, people using public transportation save the equivalent of 900,000 fill-ups of gas.

By expanding public transportation around our nation, combined with smart land use and consumer education, we can reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions even further. America reduces its dependence on foreign oil by more than 4 billion gallons of gasoline every year because of public transportation.

Even if you don’t use public transportation, you benefit from it every day. Public transit results in less air pollution, and it alleviates congested streets and highways. Even if you don’t ride, you’re often helped by people—at your grocery store, your health clinic, your bank, your school—who get to work on public transit.

Public transit also supports healthy lifestyles. People who use public transportation walk more, which improves fitness and reduces the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The cleaner air in communities with public transit contributes to lower incidence of asthma, lung cancer, and other diseases. Public transit also reduces isolation, especially for older Americans and people with disabilities.

All of the above facts and more can be found at

With all these benefits of public transportation why do you have to become a Voice for Public Transit?

It's all about politics. Many Republicans hate public transportation.

In a recently approved Amtrak funding bill every single vote(101) against the bill was a Republican member of Congress. A GOP vote to eliminate all funding failed 147-272.

Just last month Republican members of Congress introduced a bill that would:

Most federal funding for public transportation, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways would cease under a House bill introduced late last week that's aimed at keeping the Highway Trust Fund afloat without more revenue.

Starting this October, the “Developing Roadway Infrastructure for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE) Act” would effectively erase the trust fund's mass transit account and end allocations for bike and pedestrian projects. Overall, the bill would save the fund about $10 billion annually, according its lead sponsor, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) That amount would cover at least the bulk of the gap between current spending levels and flagging fuel tax receipts.

The quote above is from E&E Publishing which is a paid service. Don't think I can link to the article.

So there you have it. If we are going to have a vibrant and useful public transportation system we have to speak out.

For you to become a Voice for Public Transit, and I hope you do, use this link and sign the petition. It's very important and painless.






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