Bus Ride to Martinez

The Amtrak Bus was about 10 minutes late. The driver, an older, greying, cigarette smoking lady said not to worry about it. We would probably get to Martinez early. I learned from a lady with a service dog that the bus would be full because she had had a hard time getting a reservation. Apparently holiday travel and Humboldt College students were the cause. With the bus being full I asked the bus driver if she was expecting any handicapped people boarding because those reserved seats were empty. She said no so I sat in one of those reserved seats.

Did I feel guilty? No because I could always move. Allergy season has started. A couple of passengers and the driver were hacking the whole trip. A little irritating. I found out that the bus had wifi which was a first for me. I learned from my sister that my mothers surgery for this morning was a go.

The bus takes you down Highway 101. There's plenty of nice scenery along the way and traffic isn't bad until you get to Santa Rosa where they take you through downtown.

Note that most of the pictures are going to be poor because I'm using my IPad Mini, shooting thru glass, and I'm moving.

Rohnert Park and Petaluma came next. Both are big cities with lot's of traffic and stoplights. We don't have many stoplights in Mendocino County. I was happy to have a bus driver navigate these streets. Don't think I could handle it anymore.

Witnessed the bus driver getting mad at several people spending to much time saying goodbyes to relatives or girlfriends. Has a schedule to keep. Leaving Petaluma I had someone sitting next to me. He was quiet and was reading a book on Chilies(?). Two women in front of us were talkers. I know their whole life stories. How many kids they have and the many places they've lived. Even where they have fished.

After Petaluma we left 101 and veered off towards Napa (Route 37) where the scenery changed.

For a birdwatcher there were plenty of ducks, herons, and shorebirds to look at in the many bodies of water and marshes along the way. Route 37 takes you into Vallejo and Highway 80. I've driven 80 and it wasn't fun.

A form of transportation you won't get me on is this thing at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


From 80 we went on Highway 780 then to 680 and after that I don't know where we were until downtown Martinez and the Amtrak Train Station. The bus driver was right. We were early.

Ok! Word of advice. If you are wanting to use the restrooms at the train depot you will need one of these little tokens.

If you can wait until the train use the restrooms on it. The men's restroom was in a state of disrepair. One of the stalls was out of order, down to one urinal, one sink and the blow dryer didn't work. Makes a bad impression when thinking about Amtrak.



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