Blogging From a Moving Train

So–mom's in a hospital in Bakersfield, CA. Need to get down there to visit for a few days. What's the plan? Most people would plan a road trip for the roughly 426 miles from Little River. Some might drive to the nearest airport that had planes into Bakerfield. That could be Sacramento, San Francisco, or Oakland. I have made this trip before and know that I can do it using public transportation. Knowing that there's wifi (hopefully) available I thought I would blog the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the likes and dislikes of using public transportation. At least that's the idea.

Starting out I will be using the Mendocino Transit Authority(MTA) to get me over to Ukiah. The CC-Rider(route 65) will take me over the hill to Ukiah from the Boatyard in Fort Bragg. Hopefully it will be in one of these larger buses. Don't know how busy the MTA will be on President's Day.

In the pass I've gone on to Santa Rosa on the MTA but I have to admit that the Amtrak Buses are more comfortable. I will have a hour and a half wait in Ukiah instead of a hour and ten minutes in Santa Rosa when transferring to the Amtrak Bus. It's a good thing I noticed that it's pickup place is now McDonald's instead of Burger King or I would have screwed up the whole trip. Alway's check the latest schedule.

The Amtrak Bus will take me to Martinez, CA where I will get on the San Joaquin Train to Bakersfield.

The San Joaquin takes you through Central California. Through Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Fresno, Wasco,and Bakersfield. It's not the most scenic route especially going into Fresno and beyond. The gang graffiti is revealing. Will have to see if it's still there. Plan to use the Golden Empire Transit's Route 45 while in Bakersfield to get from my hotel to the hospital.

The trip back will be the reverse except that I will use MTA's Route 75 and the Coaster(Route 60) when I get back to Ukiah which will drop me off just down the road from where I live.

That's the plan. We'll see what happens.





3 thoughts on “Blogging From a Moving Train

    • Henri–You ask a good question. Amtrak is almost always late because freight trains have the right-of-way. Amtrak switches over to a waiting track. In my case because no one is going to pick me up in Bakersfield (my hotel is across the street from the station)the connecting bus being on time is more important. I think the Amtrak schedule must build in some waiting time.

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