If a Tree Has to Come Down Call the Eeger Beever

I'm not one to want to take down trees but when you can see that it's dead from space I think the time for it to come down is now.

By the way, that's not a flying saucer in the upper left. That the park's water storage tank and beyond that is the park's propane tank. I always joke that if the propane tank exploded I would drown.

I asked the park's maintenance man to take a look at this tree and see what he thought. He brought in the experts and they said it should come down immediately. They said that because of it's location and it was so dead they were afraid to climb it. It could explode when cutting. A crane would have to be brought in. A week ago that's what they did. I spend most of the day watching.


The procedure was simple. Use the guy with the chainsaw in the bucket to cut and then transport the tree limb to an area that it could be dropped.

Up and up they went.

Off with the top and then down.

Getting down as far as they could go with the crane before they took the top of my carport off they then had to climb the tree.

Between my home and the carport are Rhododendrons and this was the only space they could push rounds into.

The crew cleaned up the area, blew off the roof and even fixed a drip irrigation line that broke. Here's my current view. It will be interesting to see how fast Google Earth updates their satellite view of the area.

I figured that the tree was 70+ years old. Notice the varying growth spurts over the years.

If a tree does have to come down I recommend calling The Eeger Beever Crew.




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