Will the K-Cup Kill Us?

Attention all you coffee drinkers.

I don’t normally post many YouTube videos to this blog but felt that this particular video shows just how insane we have become when it comes to our personal convenients and their impact on society. The production values for this video are great and the issue needs to be shared.

I found this in a Sierra Club email called, The Green Life. You can read the full story here.


One thought on “Will the K-Cup Kill Us?

  1. Hi Richard,

    Funny video, in a bittersweet way…

    Thank goodness I don’t drink coffee! But now I need you to investigate the environmental impacts of tea…

    In birding news: I did a survey at Manchester yesterday and saw an adult Bald Eagle! It was flying from north to south over the Lake Davis area.

    That is the first observation I have had of an adult on the coast. I have occasionally seen immatures (probably in migration).

    I still can’t access your blog… I will try another way later, but I really hate this lousy satellite service. Although I was able to watch the video eventually!

    Take care, Alison

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