So Easy Even a Dog Can Do it!

Back in June of 2013 I wrote an article titled, So Easy Even a Blind Person can Do it. It was about a Mendocino woman, Judy and her guide dog Jammie, riding the local Mendocino Transit Authority buses. This week several of my sources picked up the story of Eclipse a two-year-old black lab-mastiff mix who knows how to take a Seattle Transit bus three stops to a downtown dog park … by herself.

The dog lives right near the bus stop at 3 Ave. W. and W. Mercer Street. Eclipse’s solo rush hour ride happened one day when her owner took too long to finish a cigarette.

“We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park,” said Jeff Young, who owns the dog. “It’s not hard to get on. She gets on in front of her house and she gets off at the dog park, three or four stops later.”

So do you think you are smarter then a dog? Let me know.

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