January 01, 2015 = 400.37 ppm

In 2014 carbon dioxide concentrations reached 400 ppm on March 12, 2014. That was nearly two months earlier then 2013. In 2015? How about January 1st. It doesn't seem to be going down. You read it here first.



One thought on “January 01, 2015 = 400.37 ppm

  1. Hi Richard,

    For some reason I haven’t been able to connect to your blog and make a comment, so I am just replying here to your message.

    Well, that’s sobering data, but not unexpected I suppose. The evidence is so obvious. We are guilty as charged! Question is, will we get off for good behavior, or be sentenced to death?

    Is there a caption for the last image of the earth and the points highlighted around the globe? What does it represent?

    Thanks for sharing the news about the bicycling green birder and his Big Year. What a great effort and story!

    Happy New Year to you and Lisa. Alison

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