Bus Stops

I have planned a series of public transportation posts for some time. In the mix will be repostings of my well received Psychology of Bus Riding series. This first post will be on bus stops. In researching the Internet there seems to be a fascination for bus stops among some people. But first I would like to inject a little holiday mix into this post and a message from my friends at the American Public Transportation Association as to why you should be a voice for public transportation. They would like you to add your voice for what they expect will be a tough battle for funding public transportation in the coming Congressional years.

I hope that your holiday season is going well. Here’s a little holiday cheer from the folks at the Mendocino Transit Authority(MTA).

And as a public service here is a video about why you should be a voice for public transit.

Bus stops! They are all around us. Many of you going by in your cars will fail to notice them. Those of us who use the bus system know them quite well. They can be a bare turnoff on a major highway. They can be a pole stuck into the ground with a schedule attached or they can be elaborate windows into someone’s imagination. Let’s first explore MTA’s local bus stops that I’m familiar with. The simplest is the flagging method. If it is safe for the bus driver to stop and pick you up just flag down the bus and they will stop. The next series of pictures are in order of plain to fancy. I realized that I don’t have a picture of a MTA bench. I will add later. MTA has been adding these little metal benches to their poles.

I understand that MTA spent $10,000 to build this last bus stop in the community of Mendocino. Now the merchants would like them to remove it because it attracts the homeless who use it for shelter.

Last year I featured this bus stop in a post. It’s still one of my favorites.


Why not go big and just spell it out like they do in Baltimore, Maryland!

This one in Krumbach, Austria has been declared a safety hazard and has been shut down.

The above video is the work of photographer Christopher Herwig who has a successful Kickstarter project that funded a book on Soviet bus stops.

Photographer Christopher Herwig has covered more than 30,000 km by car, bike, bus and taxi in 13 countries discovering and documenting these unexpected treasures of modern art. From the shores of the Black Sea to the endless Kazakh steppe, the bus stops show the range of public art from the Soviet era and give a rare glimpse into the creative minds of the time. Herwig’s series attracted considerable media interest around the world, and now with the 12 year project complete, the full collection will be presented in Soviet Bus Stops as a deluxe, limited edition, hard cover photo book. The book represents the most comprehensive and diverse collection of Soviet bus stop design ever assembled.

You can go to his website to find out more about him and his projects.

Another interesting website is called FUNNY THINGS HAPPEN AT BUS STOPS. Here are just a few of the pictures on the site.

TheCityFix had their Best of 2010: Images of Bus Stops. Again just a few of their bus stops.

Bus stop in Chile. Photo by Yeraze.

Photo by Sasha Aickin.

Photo by Todd Morris.

Towel.com has 15 Unusual and Creative Bus Stops.

Here’s a photo essay called Waiting: 19 Pictures of bus Stops.

Picture 1038 by Bryce Edwards

It’s all about Passion… by Thomas Szynkiewicz

Under The Cherry II by halfrain

bus stop by vittis m.
So what’s a bus stop (or bus for that matter) without advertising. Simplyzesty has their 100 brilliantly innovative bus shelter ad takeovers.

There is a bus stop waiting for you somewhere. Go out and find it and have a swinging good time!






























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