Meltdown:Terror at the Top of the World

I have mentioned Inside Climate Change (ICN) a few times in this blog and have used their stories in many of my posts. Since they are having a year end fund raising effort I thought I might promote them and one of their current efforts. That effort is the story of a Sierra Club outing to Canada's far Arctic that went terribly wrong. It is also the story of the melting Arctic ice and the effects of climate change on the Polar Bear. I just watched the full video called Polar Bear Man on ICN's website. It was actually a worthwhile documentary to see. Who knew that there is a Polar Bear Jail. I'm going to run part one of the video below in hopes it will peak your attention.


There is also an e-book by Sabrina Shankman Called Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World. You can purchase a copy or read an excerpt at The ICN site.

Included, is a set of maps concerning the melting of the Arctic Icecaps. I can reproduce them below and you can read about them here.


Graphic credit: Paul Horn/InsideClimate News


I hate to repeat myself in two consecutive posts, but the story of Santa Claus will have to be changed for future generations.



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