October–You Know it Was!

I'm a little late in reporting this fact. October was the hottest October on record. Maybe I should just wait for November's numbers to come in. This has become a monthly post that I just keep repeating. I thinking of creating a template and substitute whatever month I need to use. I do find it interesting that the fact 2014 is almost certain to be the hottest year on record more news outlets are actually reporting on it. But I actually search for this information so I'm not sure your average citizen is receiving the word. I wonder what people in the eastern part of the United States thinks about these records.

Looking at the map you can see how warm the ocean areas have been. NOAA explains:

The global oceans were the warmest on record for October, with a temperature that averaged 0.62°C (1.12°F) higher than the 20th century average. This marks the sixth month in a row (beginning in May 2014) that the global ocean temperature broke its monthly temperature record.

The warmer Northern Pacific Ocean might explain why we are getting good amounts of rain in California at this time. It's seem to be a warm rain.

The current reading of CO2 in the atmosphere, according to the Keeling Curve website, is 398.67 ppm. It began it's inevitable rise near the beginning of October. It will reach 400 ppm sooner and stay above that level longer this year. Remember that 350 ppm is thought to be the safe level.






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