Springtime in November

Just how confused is the natural world? Or is the question, how much more can we confuse the natural world? Here in coastal Mendocino County we are experiencing another Spring. On a bike ride the other day I saw pockets of blooming Coastal Rhododendrons. Didn't give it much thought but a day later I was walking by one of our domestic rhododendrons and noticed it was starting to bloom again.

The literature that I found on Coast Rhododendrons say they bloom from May to June. That has always been my impression since I've moved here. Never in November! Our domestic rhodies have never bloomed in November.

I did a quick survey around my neck of the woods. There are two beautiful Magnolia Trees in front of the Lodge. I don't know what kind they are but they have always bloomed in Spring. I noticed that they were budding up and in certain parts of the trees there were blooms.

In front of the Wood's Clubhouse and the Lodge there are very bright red rhodies and sure enough in certain parts of these bushes there are blooms.

Noticed that at least one of my Rose bushes was blooming. Again this has never happened in Fall.

Noticed Bewick's Wrens singing at the airport. White-crowned and Fox Sparrows singing around the house. It's been in the mid to upper sixties for sometime. We've had a little rain. I don't know what to wear when I go birding. I'm confused!




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