Still Don’t Know How These Things Happen!

I still don't know how these things happen. This morning I was looking at my blogging “stats” (something we bloggers do compulsively) and noticed that I had a surge in viewers this morning. There were 15 views from the United Kingdom and 1 from South Africa. It has since gone up to 17 views from the United Kingdom and added a view from the United States. The strange thing was they were all viewing just one post from last year. That post is, “Psychology of Bus Riding Part Four–How Not to Sit Next to the Weirdo“.

I enjoyed researching and writing that post. It featured me as the weirdo on the bus and holds up well. Don't know how many of the links still work (blogger's nightmare) but I take satisfaction in a post well done.

I spent about 10 minutes trying to find out if I could find the post in a search of the Internet. Could not find it by typing in “How Not to Sit Next to the Weirdo” but typing in the full title located it. It's a weird feeling knowing that you are out there in the “tubes”:>)

So did someone find my post and pass it on to their friends? My wife suggested that a viewed post is like a missed phone call where no message is left. You never know the reason for the call/view.

As I'm writing this post I now have 18 views from the United Kingdom. Like I said we check our “stats” compulsively. Something is going on. Now up to 19!! Please leave a comment.

I ended the Psychology of Bus Riding post with a YouTube video of a group called “The Drastics” doing their “Weirdos on the Bus” song. I thought that was an amusing ending. Maybe something was going on with “The Drastics” that caused some searching on the Internet. The Drastics were a punk band in Bradford, England. They are now reformed as “Mammoth Tank”. The only thing I could find on them is they are looking for a bass player. By the way there is a Chicago reggae (dub) band called “The Drastics”.

So I might never know what caused the surge in viewers. Some thing's are a mystery. Another mystery is figuring out why I'm going to end this post with the Drastics again. Enjoy.


Now up to 24 United Kingdom, 2 United States and 1 South Africa.


One thought on “Still Don’t Know How These Things Happen!

  1. Well, Richard, I wish I could say I was writing to you from somewhere more exotic than the south fork of the Ten Mile River… And I wish I could listen to the Drastics video, but alas, our internet connection is too slow out here in the boondocks! Still, I am entertained by your writing and the album cover… 🙂

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