Hottest August Ever!! Yes I Know I’m Repeating Myself.

Land and sea surface temperature percentiles in August 2014. Hot spots in red.

NASA reported today (15 September 2014) that the global surface temperature anomaly for August 2014 was 0.7C.
This makes August 2014 the hottest August since records began in 1880. The previous record of 0.69C was set in 2011. The temperature anomaly is the variance in degrees C against the long term 1951-1980 average.


Both NOAA and NASA agree that August has been the hottest ever recorded. Below is NASA’s August heat map. As reported by ThinkProgress, “Over West Antarctica, however, it was so hot NASA had to put in the color brown to cover the 4°C to 8°C (7°F to over 14°F!) anomalous warmth. Fortunately that is so far away from us why should anybody get very concerned about it when D.C. had such a mild summer? It’s not like recent studies have found that glaciers in West Antarctic ice sheet “have begun the process of irreversible collapse,” is it?”

There seems to be some agreement that it’s possible that 2014 will be the hottest year on record.

What does this kind of record temperatures mean out here in the western part of the United States?

In Washington State, The 2014 Wildfire Season Has Been 6 Times Worse Than Normal.

Wildfires rage across drought-hit California.

Southern California Heat Wave Forces Schools To Cancel Outdoor Activities


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