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Disruption is the name of a 52 minute film that documents the organizing of this Sunday’s People’s Climate March in New York City. Disruption is also about what’s going to happen to the planet if we keep on the same path we’re on. The movie can be viewed here. You should watch it.

The People’s Climate March is timed to be held just before the September 23 U.N. climate summit also in New York City. You can find the full list of details about the march on this site. At this site you can find a full week of planned activities. There are also events planned around the world.

This UN climate summit is just a prelim to the next rounds of negotiations in Paris in late 2015. The summit in NYC is all about building momentum and moving forward. What will come out the NYC meeting? “United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said he expects four major outcomes: the framework for a price on carbon, commitments to financial programs like green bonds, the removal of policy ambiguity, and joint initiatives to decarbonize key sectors.”

Here in California we are already benefitting from a price on carbon. If done the RIGHT way everyone would benefit. Check out this Huffington Post article.

Anytime you get thousands if not millions of people together they can create a big mess. The climate march has a specific message and anyone participating should do so in an environmentally sound way. People should think about their actions and what it represents.

This little article called 5 Cool Things to Do Before the People’s Climate March is just a small part of what should happen during the march but it also should be the way we live our lives daily. 

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On September 22nd (one day before the climate summit) there is another UN Conference that’s not mentioned much in relation to climate change. It a conference on POPULATION. Does anyone think the two are not connected? 

“Population, the lives and status of women, and climate change are rarely linked at the United Nations — or in any other intergovernmental conversations, for that matter. Intuitively, it’s easy to understand that the growth of world population from 1 billion people at the start of the Industrial Revolution to 7.3 billion today has something to do with the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”

You can read the Grist article here.


The UN Building just before the March. Join the Solution Project.


Watch this aerial drone video of the march. It’s fantastic!

 You can watch a repeat of the March on Democracy Now.

Why 300,000 People Marched For Climate Change Action


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