Today I’m going to feature a website that I think you should all follow. It’s InsideClimate News  (ICN) a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.

You can go to this site and subscribe to daily and weekly updates on climate news. You can even download their ebooks on various subjects such as Germany’s break from fossil fuels and the Dilbit Disaster. 

In their Week In Review email that I received yesterday there were two reports mentioned (yes I know, more reports) that show the contradictions of our government’s plans to fight climate change.

One article is called, White House: $150 Billion a Year Will Be Cost of Climate Inaction. The other article is called, Obama Coal Sales to Cost Society Billions in Global-Warming Damage, Study Says. I think you can already see the contradictions.

The first report is put out by the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, a three-member group that counsels the president on economic policy. The second report is put out by Greenpeace. Both links take you to InsideClimate News with the full reports available.

The first report:

“Allowing warming to pass safe levels and reach 3 degrees Celsius could cause damage amounting to 0.9 percent of global economic output each year, according to the new report from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, a three-member group that counsels the president on economic policy.

That level of warming would cost the United States about $150 billion a year in today’s dollars. It will come in the form of damage to public health and biodiversity, as well as physical impacts from rising seas and more severe storms, droughts and wildfires.”

The second report:
“The Federal Bureau of Land Management has already leased 2.2 billion tons of coal during the Obama administration, unlocking 3.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide that will be emitted into the atmosphere as the coal is burned, Greenpeace said. Plans on the drawing board would release billions of tons more.
Multiplying all that coal production by the environmental cost of burning the coal, Greenpeace estimates that coal leases approved under Obama would impose future costs of between $52 billion and $530 billion.”
Greenpeace is calling for “a moratorium and comprehensive review of the federal coal leasing program, including its role in fueling the climate crisis.”
So what’s the solution? ICN’s Week In Review has a third report. The article is called, IMF’s Blunt Message to Nations: Raise Fossil-Fuel Taxes to Fight Climate Change.
Countries all over the world, including the United States, should be collecting much higher pollution taxes on fossil fuels—stiff enough to reflect the long-term cost of global warming’s damage, the International Monetary Fund said on Thursday in an important new study…The agency estimated that its recommended tax levels would reduce global carbon emissions by 23 percent, cut fossil fuel related deaths around the world by 63 percent, and raise average national revenues by 2.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).”

ICN’s Week in Reviews continues with many other climate change news reports. I suggest you subscribe.








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