Last April–Second Hottest Ever Recorded.

The headline read–“Last Month Was The Second Warmest April Ever Recorded“. Yesterday, when I read it, it was over 80°F where I live. Today we set a record (since we’ve lived here) with a temperature over 82.2°F.  Of course if you asked someone back East they might disagree with this headline. This ClimateProgress article explains it all.

“We may not have felt it in the United States, but last month was the second-warmest April worldwide since scientists began recording temperature data, according to a preliminary report from NASA.

Around the planet, April temperatures averaged 58.5°F, which is 1.3°F above average temperatures. This is only a tad lower than than the warmest April ever recorded, a milestone hit in 2010 when NASA calculated global temperatures of 1.44°F above average, according to the data sheet.

The data announcement also marks this April as the 350th month in a row where the globe has experienced above-average temperatures, a phenomenon that scientists agree is largely caused by increases of man-made greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Incidentally, April 2014 also marked the first month in human history when average carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reached above 400 parts per million.”

How temperatures worldwide compared to average temperatures in April 2014.

As I write this San Diego County is on fire. El Niño is on it’s way. Coffee prices are on their way up because of drought in Brazil!! It’s going to be an interesting year.



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