We’ve Reached Another Level!

This is just another post on the Keeling Curve. I’ve written several already. One of those posts was the fact that we hit 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the air for the first time in human history last year in May. This year we hit the 400ppm mark in March two months earlier.

On March 17th, Robert Monroe (science writer for Scripps news and publications) wrote on the Keeling Curve website, “Ralph Keeling, director of the CO2 and O2 measurement programs at Scripps, said that the next significant milestone to be passed will be monthly averages in excess of 400 ppm. Fossil fuel burning continues to increase concentrations of the greenhouse gas to levels not seen in human history and not in perhaps as many as 3 to 5 million years.

“We’re already seeing values over 400,” said Keeling. “Probably we’ll see values dwelling over 400 in April and May. It’s just a matter of time before it stays over 400 forever.”

This April had a “monthly average” of over 400ppm. Certainly not a good “significant milestone”. We should get a pool going to bet on when the CO2 levels stay over the 400ppm line.

I found an interesting video that graphically illustrates the rise of carbon dioxide over time. As you can see we are in new territory!




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