Years of Living Dangerously“–a nine part series about climate change will start airing on Showtime, April 13 at 10PM EDT/PDT. You can watch episode one without subscribing to Showtime here. Explore the website and you will see just how extensive it is. They are putting some real effort into bring climate change to the public.

“The landmark 9-part series is produced by the legendary James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jerry Weintraub — together with former 60 Minutes producers who have 18 Emmys between them…And to tell these powerful stories, the series engaged top-flight journalists (like Chris Hayes and Friedman) and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (like Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Ian Somerholder, and Harrison Ford).”

You can read more about the series and watch a panel discussion in this post by Joe Romm of

On another note–rumors are flying that we might get a sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth“. You can read about it in this Grist post. Read my post about “An Inconvenient Truthhere.


UPDATED 4/13/14 I decided to have a direct link to the first episode since it’s a YouTube video.



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