What We Know

Earlier this month I did a post called, “Finally! A Climate Change Primer for us Dumb People!” It featured a report by the Royal Society and the United States National Academy of Science called, “Climate Change-Evidence & Causes“. The rub or criticism of the report was that it didn’t go into what the effects of a warming world are and will be. A little over a week ago a report from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) called, “What We Know. The Reality, Risks, and Response to Climate Change” changed that. Reading the two reports together will give you an understanding of the causes and effects of climate change. It’s only 20 pages long so there are no excuses for not reading it. The “What We Know” initiative can be found here. The full report is here

As reported by Grist, “We’re trying to provide a voice for the scientific community on this issue so that we can help the country, help the world move this issue forward,” AAAS CEO Alan Leshner said during a call with reporters on Tuesday morning. “If we don’t move now we are at tremendous risk for some very high impact consequences, many of which are laid out in the report… The AAAS has also assembled a panel of a 13 leading scientists who will make public presentations and try to spread climate smarts far and wide.

I’m really happy to see this happening. Scientists are beginning to get worried and are stepping out of their “comfort zones” to get the word out and to fight the carbon pollution industry and the inability of the media to report the dangers of climate warming.


“And yet, despite rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, retreating arctic ice, ocean acidification, changing wildlife patterns, and extreme weather events worldwide, polls continue to show that a large portion of the public believe there is significant scientific disagreement as to whether human actions are contributing to climate change — or even if climate change is real.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Disinformation by entities with conflicts of interest has fueled reports of scientific disagreement, not scientists.

Today, there is not a single scientific body of national or international standing that rejects the findings of human-caused climate change. Not one.

The same unanimity is true of articles published in diverse scientific journals. Researcher Dr. James Powell, a geochemist and 12-year member of the National Science Board just completed the most recent update to his survey of the peer-reviewed literature on climate change.

Dr. Powell found that out of the 10,885 peer-reviewed scientific papers published on climate change in all of 2013 only two papers reject human-caused climate change.”

The above is taken from a Huffington Post article written by California Congressman Alan Lowenthal (47th). It’s called, “Climate Change: Case Closed“. Emphasis is mind.

You can get an idea of what AAAS is trying to do with it’s “What We Know” report by reading this Grist interview with one of the authors of the report, Katharine  Hayhoe.

“…but that is what climate change requires — for us all to work together for the solution because the problem is too big for any one of us to solve individually…So a big part of the resistance to climate change is that if we acknowledge it then we have to do something about it. And many people are not happy with the solutions that have been proposed. When you talk about climate change you hear words like “taxation” and “restrictions” and “limitations”…We’re not talking about changing the chemicals in spray cans. We’re talking about changing the entire foundation of our society. Our society is founded on the premise of cheap and easily available fossil fuels that do not take into account the external costs of using those fossil fuels.” 


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