Some posts are easy to write. This is one of them. I’ve been working on a bike related post for several days and it still isn’t ready. This is one that writes itself. I’ve written about the Keeling Curve in other posts. The Keeling Curves reflects the amount of carbon in our atmosphere over time. I had been keeping track of the levels these last few weeks because it was approaching 400ppm but hadn’t check them for a few days. I was surprised to see that the latest level is at 401.34ppm and it’s been over 400ppm since the 12th. If you check the link above you will see that that is almost two months earlier then last year where it went over the 400ppm mark for the first time in human history. The following graphs show the same thing– just over a different time line.


The following is taken from the comments on the Keeling Curve website.

“Instruments at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide greater than 400 parts per million on March 12, 2014 nearly two months earlier than the date on which the milestone was passed in 2013.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, reported a reading of 401.62 ppm on March 12 and a reading of 400.2 on March 13. Readings by instruments operated by NOAA also exceeded 400 ppm on those days.

Ralph Keeling, director of the CO2 and O2 measurement programs at Scripps, said that the next significant milestone to be passed will be monthly averages in excess of 400 ppm. Fossil fuel burning continues to increase concentrations of the greenhouse gas to levels not seen in human history and not in perhaps as many as 3 to 5 million years.

“We’re already seeing values over 400,” said Keeling. “Probably we’ll see values dwelling over 400 in April and May. It’s just a matter of time before it stays over 400 forever.”

As someone who tracks this kind of information, I’ve read nothing in all the various sources I track. I’ve heard nothing on the “liberal” news stations I listen to. My question–Is anyone paying attention?


One thought on “401.34ppm

  1. How can we take steps to reduce carbon emissions when most people are still in denial mode?

    We need to find a celebrity to follow your blog, Richard. We need some high profile endorsement and PR with clout. Let’s see, who would be the best candidate?

    Maybe this is a cause that could help redeem Lance Armstrong? He used to be King of the Bike World… He should have to do something to counter all that hot air that’s been coming out of his mouth all these years about not using drugs. Call it community service…

    I rode the bus last week! Call it a minor victory for your efforts. Thanks for keeping our feet to the fire, so to speak.

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