Public Transit Usage Is at Its Highest Level in More than Fifty Years

Public Transit Usage Is at Its Highest Level in More than Fifty Years

That’s the headline in a “Wired” article that you can find here

“A new report from the American Public Transportation Association released on Monday puts the level of public transportation users at its highest since 1956. More than 10.65 billion passenger trips were taken last year.

One of the conclusions drawn from the report’s data refutes the idea that public transit use rises and falls in response to factors such as gas prices and population growth. The previous high water mark since the ’50s was 2008 (10.59 billion rides), but gas prices were higher then than they are now.”

A ThinkProgess article goes into the issue in more depth. They link to another report and state, “Americans aren’t just taking public transit more often, however. They’re also driving less, according to a 2013 report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. The report found that the amount of miles driven per person has dropped in 46 states since 2007, with Washington, D.C. residents driving the least and young people across the country driving less than older generations.”

You can find both reports here and here.

Photo by: Frank Roche

President Obama has a good transportation plan but has to find funding for it. This Grist article explains what’s in it and how you could fund it.

This Mashable article might explain why more people are riding public transportation. It’s titled, “11 Celebrities Using Public Transportation Just Like You.” I must confess that I don’t know who all these celebrities are but the ones I know about are pretty big.

Photo by: Image: @jamierobb92 on Instagram




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