Finally! A Climate Change Primer for us Dumb People.

The Royal Society and the United States National Academy of Sciences have just released a Climate Change report for those of us that are science illiterate. I’ve taken a peek at the IPCC reports and find them daunting. This report starts out with common questions and answers about climate change. They give a very simple first answer and then a slightly deeper look into the question. It’s not a long report and can be read in a short time. Let your friends and relatives know about it, especially those in denial. The question and answer section is followed up with a basic climate change primer. The report can be found here.

Did you know?

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (NAS) was established to advise the United States on scientific and technical issues when President Lincoln signed a Congressional charter in 1863.

THE ROYAL SOCIETY: It is the national academy of science in the UK. The Society’s fundamental purpose, reflected in its founding Charters of the 1660s, is to recognise, promote, and support excellence in science, and to encourage the development and use of science for the benefit of humanity. 
The next IPCC report is due out this March. “As the AP summarized the draft report on “Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability” from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease [are] likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change.”
Stanford’s Chris Field, who co-chairs the working group drafting the report, told reporters Monday that “the impacts of climate change that have already occurred are very evident, they’re widespread, they have consequences.”



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