It Was in the Mail Box Today

I opened up the mail box today and there it was. The latest issue of “Birding”. 

I checked and there it was, my letter to the editor just as Ted Floyd (editor of Birding) said it would be. You can see the evolution of this letter in previous posts on my blog here and here. It was a long, “letter to the editor” in waiting. A four month wait. 

Reading American Birding Association’s President, Jeffrery Gordon’s, “Birding Together” column in the current issue it would appear that the ABA is starting to recognize that “green” birding is something they are now willing to talk about. He heavily promotes the efforts of Dorian Anderson biking across the United States in a Big Green “Biking for Birds” Year for 2014. You can read Dorian’s blog here. I am happy to have a small part in this conversation.

I’m currently waiting for my first look of the year at the ABA’s “Bird of the Year”, the Rufous Hummingbird. They should be passing through shortly.



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