Charts, Graphs, and Videos

This post will be full of charts, graphs, and videos with as little comment from me as possible. These are all things that get little media attention but are subjects that I’ve been writing about. I think that if people saw more of these they might get a sense of what trouble the planet is in. The first would have to be the Keeling Curve which is currently at 397.89ppm of carbon dioxide. You might remember that we went over 400ppm in May of last year.

Going where we’ve never been before during our human history.

Global temperatures from 1901 to 2012


A little longer period.

Another way of looking at it.

And another way of looking at it.

Global oceans are heating up.

Water expands when heated thereby causing sea levels to rise.

Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick.

Arctic ice continues to melt.

Watch it melt over the years.

These videos were made by Andy Lee Robinson.

Boats are now traveling the Arctic Circle.

Oceans are becoming more acidic.


California’s draught.


Don’t look for help from Congress.


What do scientists think? 

Thanks to Dr. James L. Powell 

That’s not to say that things are all bad.

People are on the move using bicycles.

Final question. Are we going to be the frogs?

Tom Toles


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