Rosie 1998-2014

Back in September of 1998 my wife went out to our garage and stepped over a tiny puppy that someone had apparently just dropped off into the wilds of Berry Creek in Northern California. I have always said that Berry Creek was just over the hill from civilization. The female tail-docked puppy of unknown lineage (we think Doberman and Queensland Healer) was mange and worm infected. The veterinarian said that she might not survive the treatment. After some serious vet bills and some touch and go moments she survived and we set out to find an owner for her. I had told my wife that I didn’t think we needed another dog, a mistaken statement that my wife still brings up to this day. There were no takers and she became our Rosie.

Rosie idolized our much older dog, Libby. Libby tolerated Rosie. Housebreaking was never a problem because she followed Libby’s lead. It was fun to watch them see who could get out the doggie door first when the PG&E meter man or the UPS driver drove down our road. Rosie became friends with Daisy a rescued duck and they would lay together with Daisy quacking up a storm. The down side of that friendship was that Rosie would take a swim in Daisy’s pool and come into the house soaked. One of the few times we got mad at her.

Both Libby and Rosie made the move to Mendocino. Libby’s legs soon failed her and Rosie became our only dog. One of Rosie’s great joys were her runs at the Little River Zen Center. She loved to explore the grasses and the pond.

We also had fun around the house. She loved her walks around the Woods and a tennis ball thrown down the hall. Rosie was never a good leash walking dog. She was a sniffer and had to be pulled around. She would always check where the packages in the mail came from. Here I helped her break in her favorite dog bed, a Christmas present.

All too soon it seemed that old age caught up with her. She would have been sixteen this year, a long life for a dog her size.

Rest in peace Rosie. You lived a long and exciting life. You were always a most excellent companion. We will miss you.






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