Wrap Up 4–What Next?

My experimental “green” birding year took up most of my free time. 2014 will be a year to catch up on my reading material and projects around the house.













Writing about climate change can unsettle and depress a person. To help me clear my mind I want to get back to my mindful meditation practice. Birding is a way of meditation for me but just being out there ticking off birds on a list doesn’t work for me.

I’m going to work on my photography. I normally leave my camera on one setting and hope for the best. I hope to improve on that. I’m also going to work on processing after taking the picture. Note the picture on the right. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a frame. 

Two of the projects I would like to work on this year are building Hooded Merganser/Wood Duck nest boxes for the ponds at the Little River Airport. I have talked about this with the manager of the Little River Golf Course and he wants to help. Of course we will have to have some rain to fill the ponds. Compare this current picture with one of the very first I used in this blog.

Pond at West End of the Airport

The other project is trying to make California State Parks more bike friendly. Part of that will be more bike racks at various places. Pictured below are the racks I’ve had to use this last year. Since both are located in main parts of MacKerricher State Park I think they need some upgrading.














I’m also thinking of working on a photography project titled, “Happy Birds–The Birds of the Woods Taking Baths”. I may have to work on the title. It would look something like this.




As far as my birding efforts go I will be cutting back a day of birding in general. I plan to continue my Save Our Shorebirds (SOS) Survey at Virgin Creek Beach with less frequent trips to Ukiah using the MTA and my bike. I will continue my weekly birding visits to the Little River Airport. 

I’m looking at another way to keep my birding carbon footprint low for 2015. Talk about long range planning! With a new app called, “Count Circle” I can draw a circle similar to a Christmas Bird Count circle around my home. It contains some of my most popular birding areas and lot’s of areas to be explored. It will give me a reason to get to know my neighborhood and keep me close to home. Much of the area can still be done by bus and bike. To show what a great area I live in, the circle contains the Point Cabrillo Light Station, Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino Headlands State Park, most of, if not all, of the Woodlands State Park, Van Dame State Park and Navarro Beach State Park. It contains Big River and the Caspar Upland Trail and also a large portion of Jackson Demonstration State Forest. It contains lot’s of the Pacific Ocean. I might have to charter my own boat.

 I plan to continue this blog with posts on birding, biking, public transportation and climate change. They just will not be as frequent. My wife gave me a great Christmas present. It consists of putting my logo, “Greenbirdingmendo” on a hat, jacket, tee shirts, a banner and business cards. So the adventure will continue.

P.s. 1/19/14

I have entered my “local” patch, the Little River Airport, in the “PATCHWORKING CHALLENGE”. More information about this challenge can be found on the “Green Birding” website.



2 thoughts on “Wrap Up 4–What Next?

  1. Richard, I am so pleased to hear that you will continue to post stories and information to your blog. Good luck with your many projects. Count me in as an advocate and ally at State Parks regarding the bike racks. Great idea and long overdue!

  2. Wrap Up 2014 – greenbirdingmendo

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