We Don’t Do This In Mendocino

Did you know that people in New York saved almost 15,000 dollars by using the subway? “If you regularly take the subway, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also helping your wallet. A new study released by the American Public Transportation Association shows that because of soaring gas prices and parking rates, New Yorkers can save up to $14,750 every year if they ditch their cars and hop on the train. We all know the environmental benefits of forgoing cars, but now we have even more reason to pick up our MetroCards instead of our car keys!” This article explains it all. 

I didn’t save that much using the bus during my birding year but I did save some. I’m only using this story to lead into the following story that I didn’t know happened on the New York Subways and 50 other cities world wide. Apparently it has been going on for several years. It happens on January 12th. It doesn’t happen here in Mendocino maybe because we have no subways. But don’t buses count? I will have to ask MTA management why they haven’t started this.

I give you, “No Pants Subway Ride 2013”, with no further comment.


Here’s the 2014 video. Now in over 60 cities.





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