A Strange Thing Has Happened to my Blog

A strange thing has happened to my blog. This is a screen shot of my blog statistics soon after the New Year.

This is what it looks like just a few minutes ago.

That’s a 412 jump in views in less than two days. Almost all of the increase are views of a post that I did in November titled, “80%–EIGHTY FREAKIN PERCENT“. It was about the current California Drought. I didn’t think much at the time that it was anything special. I’m not totally certain that it’s not some sort of virus or attack on my blog. What it would mean is that when people put “California Drought” into a search engine my blog is at the top of the search results and maybe the title of the post catches their eye. 

“California Drought” is a subject that I’m hearing about in the news more and more since we are into our third year. When I got a sandwich at our local Subway I heard people in line talking about so and so’s pond (well) being dry. I’ve heard that the City of Fort Bragg is going around looking for excessive water use. The community of Mendocino is in a stage 3 water alert. Wild animals are being seen closer to population center looking for water. It even worse in Southern California. The state is warning of reduced water allotments for agriculture use. So it just may be possible that search engines are sending people to my blog.

For anyone looking for information on drought can go to the United States Drought Monitor. Click on the state you want to look at. This is the current map for California.



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