A Tale of Two Birders–Might be My Best Viewed Post

My “Contrasts–A Tale of Two Birders” post yesterday just might be my most viewed post. I think I’m finally figuring out (after a year of doing this) how to “tag” my posts so they get noticed. Somehow the ABA Blog picked up my post and there was a link to my blog on their front page yesterday evening until this afternoon when it rotated off the front page. Actually I was on their front page twice. I had commented on one of the Neil Hayward posts about how many birds could be seen when Hawaii becomes included in the ABA territory. I’m against that happening. Extreme birders and listers are already putting lot’s of carbon into the air without the need to fly to Hawaii seeking more birds.

The American Bird Conservancy has this to say in their global warming section of their website. “All birds stand to be affected by global warming, but most at risk are those that utilize sensitive coastal habitats such as marshes and beaches, and island-nesting species. Hawaiian birds are particularly at risk both from habitat loss and the spread of malaria and pox to higher elevations with rising temperatures.”

This is the second time my blog has been linked to the ABA Blog. There have been over 20 views of my blog since the link showed up on the ABA Blog. I’m glad because that’s the kind of readers that I’m trying to reach.




One thought on “A Tale of Two Birders–Might be My Best Viewed Post

  1. Congratulations, Richard, on completing your Green Birding Year and the attention your blog is getting with the ABA. You have started a really important conversation with your posts. Thank you for your dedication to birds and the environment. You are an inspiration.

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