Last SOS Survey and Last Airport Walk of the Year

Friday I did my last SOS Survey of the year at Virgin Creek Beach. While I didn’t find anything new I was pleased to find 8 Whimbrels and 1 Willet on the rocks. I haven’t seen them there for sometime. 

Saturday was my last birding walk of the year at the Little River Airport. Had 39 species, a good number at this time, but no new year birds. I did have a first. I heard two calling birds and realized that they were Peregrine Falcons. They were dive-bombing each other and twice locked their talons and spun for a very short time. I’ve never seen this happen before. It all happened so fast that I didn’t get a picture. 

Another thing that I noticed was that the Wilson’s Snipe that I found in the main pond seems to be wintering there. I guess that is another first. This picture is a long shot.

It would appear that 250 year birds is my final number unless something happens during Monday or Tuesday, my work days. 250 birds is better than what I thought I would get at the start of the year. The final carbon producing truck miles saved will probably be 2929 miles. I had wanted to break 3000 but when you add in miles I birded when driving for the Lodge at the Woods it’s well over that.

There are still a few subjects I want to write about before the year is done. Will try to get to them.


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