Last Weeks Birding

Because of the holidays it’s getting a little hard to stay timely in my posts. Last Thursday I decided to explore my section of the Fort Bragg Christmas Bird Count(FBCBC) that was scheduled for Saturday. More on Christmas Bird Counts in a later post. The problem was that it was cold and very windy. We could only hope that the winds died down for the count. High winds would probably be worst than rain for finding birds. Neither is appreciated during the count. Below is a screen shot of the Fort Bragg CBC.


Area 8 is my section. It includes the community of Mendocino, Big River, and the Mendocino Woodlands State Park. I had planned to take my bike and ride the Haul Rd. and scope the ocean off the headlands. Because of the winds I only walked a short way up the Haul Rd. I was at least able to find Common Goldeneyes, a target bird for the count because it can be hard to find them elsewhere in the circle. Went home early.

Friday I did my SOS Survey at Virgin Creek Beach and then went up to Lake Cleone. Found three Dunlin on Virgin Creek Beach and an American Bittern at Lake Cleone. Both birds have never been found on the FBCBC before so they were at least count week birds (Note: They were not found during the count). Also found two Redheads and while trying to get a picture of one of them I got this picture. I sort of like these kinds of pictures. There’s a Redhead somewhere in there.

I am still stuck on 249 bird species with over 2887 carbon producing truck mile saved.

Next we’ll talk about the “pros” and “cons” of Christmas Bird Counts.



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