Black Oystercatcher Rock

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I had to negotiate with my wife about getting out for some birding. I decided to do some ocean viewing from the Mendocino Headlands State Park bluffs. Ocean viewing with a scope isn’t something I do a lot. Since I live near the ocean I guess I should be doing it more. There are some birds that wander close to shore at times. I would be looking for alcids.

Couldn’t find any alcids. There were plenty of cormorants, grebes, gulls, loons, turnstones and scoters. I did find a Black Oystercatcher rock.

Every time I tried to count how many were on the rock I would get a different answer so I green or red dotted each bird as I counted them in Photoshop. There were 87 Black Oystercatchers. I don’t know what that gull was doing near the top. The most I’ve ever seen were 52 out at Laguna Point. With the 30+ at Van Damme Beach I saw close to 120 for the day.

Still stuck on 246 birds seen but it was a nice morning.



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