Well it Finally Happened!/It Reminds Him of Maui

I’m was waiting at the Mendocino Main Street bus stop and realized that the bus was late. I was of course going to Virgin Creek for my Friday SOS Survey. After being 20 minutes late I called dispatch and they told me that the bus had broken down in Albion and that Jeff, the North Coast Supervisor, was taking another bus down to rescue any passengers. This created a dilemma for me, did the bus breakdown going south and would still have to connect with Route 75 at Navarro Beach Rd. or did it breakdown coming back north and was heading to pick me up in Mendocino. Another factor would be how long it would take to get another bus down to Albion. I made a decision to drive my truck into Fort Bragg. I’ll tell you why. This bus breakdown was somehow caused by my wife!! The last words she spoke to me before I left were, “I wish that you were driving your truck into town because you could pickup some things (meaning heavy) for me.” I have gotten into what I think is a good attitude of grudgingly using gas in my truck. In this case, I at least had a good reason for driving. Time wise I made a good choice because as I was getting into Fort Bragg I saw the relief bus heading south.

Because of the weather report I was expecting some heavy winds for the day. Apparently that happened during the night (with power outages) in the inland sections of Mendocino and other areas south but not in my section of the Mendocino Coast. We actually had some rain earlier in the week with almost 3/4 of an inch in Little River but on a whole we are having very cold (for us) mornings and warm days. I checked my “Skymate” during my survey and right at the surf line it was 65°F with infrequent 8.5mph max winds. A fellow beach walker whom I know as Daniel said it reminded him of Maui. I was overdressed thinking it was a two sweatshirt day. This is what a “Skymate” looks like. I know some of you guys only look at the pictures:-)

I found nothing new and exciting along the coast so I decided to pickup the items my wife wanted, get a sandwich at the local “Subway” and find a quiet place to eat and watch the birds go by. I decided that the inner harbor along the Noyo River was that place. The birds going by were mostly Buffleheads.

I had parked my truck at Glass Beach and biked down to Virgin Creek from there so at least I saved some carbon producing truck miles (about three). Still at 246 birds with over 2810 carbon producing truck miles saved.




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