Little River Airport Birding

Saturday is my day to bird the Little River Airport. Like Friday it was a cold morning and a warm day. Located a Red-breasted Sapsucker(actually had two for the day) which I haven’t seen there in a long time. The picture below is from a previous sighting.

When I was near the first pond I heard a calling bird going over. It took me awhile to figure it out because it wasn’t expected for this location. It was a Least Sandpiper. I have heard many calling during my surveys. A couple of years ago I saw a small flock of “peeps” flying down the runway at the airport and always thought they were Least Sandpipers.

While birding the first pond I heard a commotion in the second pond. That pond had been almost dry last week but there was enough water for four Hooded Mergansers to swim around in. There were two males and two females.

I’m always glad to see them come through. The Little River Golf Course Manager and I have been talking about building some nest boxes for Hooded Mergansers or Wood Ducks for the pond areas. Maybe next year I’ll have some time.


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