The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

I would like to refer you to a conversation on Daily Kos that took place this morning. It is an interview with Michael E. Mann, whose book, pictured above, is out in paperback with updated material. 

“Few scientists have been as viciously slimed as paleo-climatologist Michael Mann. He has been harassed by federal and state legislatures, his employer pressured to investigate all manner of nonsensical accusations, cyberstalked by the usual suspects, and at one point was the subject of an all-out witch hunt by none other than soon-to-be-unemployed Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli”

I must warn you that the Daily Kos website is one of those dangerous “progressive” site where you will be subjected to all the social dangers that make conservatives ill. You can visit at anytime but have to wade through some ads. I subscribe to the site so I don’t have to. It shows you where I’m at on the political scale.


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