Ten Mile Beach Project Update


I have written about the Ten Mile Beach Project by California State Parks several times. The most recent was this post. At the end of that post I stated, “UPDATE—-Snowy Plovers win. Mendocino County Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to deny the appeal. Opponents of the State Parks project plan to appeal to the California Coastal Commission.”

The opponents did appeal their objections to the California Coastal Commission. On Wednesday, the Coastal Commission found that the opponents of the project raised no substantial issues.

 “a. Appeal No. A-1-MEN-13-0241 (California Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR), Mendocino Co.) [ADDENDUM] Appeal by Thad M. Van Buren, Stanley Anderson, and Eric & Deborah Freeman from decision of Mendocino County granting permit with conditions to DPR for dune restoration project involving: (1) removal of asphalt and gravel base in 3 segments of former Georgia Pacific Haul Rd., totaling 2.7 miles; (2) stream channel restoration associated with removal of 2 road culvert creek crossings along Haul Rd.; and (3) treatment of European beachgrass and other nonnative weeds within project area, on west side of Hwy 1, located in MacKerricher State Park, north of Ward Ave., in community of Cleone to Ten Mile River, Mendocino County. (TG-A) [NO SUBSTANTIAL ISSUE FOUND]”

This means that the project can proceed. Snowy Plovers and a natural preserve win!



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