The weather report said there was an 80% chance of rain last night from 10PM Monday night to 10AM Tuesday morning. That was great news, I of course wasn’t planning to bird during those hours and I had no drives schedule this morning. I got up on the roof of my home and raked off leafs and cleaned out the gutters. I waited for the sound of drops hitting the roof or that smell you get when that first rain comes. Woke up this morning–NOT ONE DROP–the 20% won.


A couple of California stories are in order.

Officials Search for Plan as California Reservoirs Drop Below Half Capacity.

 You can find this article at this link.

A Sierra Nevada reservoir.
Photo by: Shutterstock: Katarish

“California is known for its massive water infrastructure in which northern reservoirs, which fill up from the Sierra Nevada snowpack, supply the populous southern and coastal regions of the state. However going into a third year of dry winter conditions, many of these northern man-made oases are at precariously low levels, hovering between one-third and one-half capacity, far less than the average for October.”

California Headed For Driest Year On Record

“With less than two months to go in 2013, California is looking at its driest year on record. San Francisco, used as the benchmark because it has the longest consecutive rainfall in the state, received no rain in October and only 3.95 inches of precipitation since January. This is the lowest amount since record keeping began 164 years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.” A link to this story can be found here

Here’s a picture of the current California drought conditions as of November 5th.



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