I Finally Got It!

Friday I used the early bus pick up in Mendocino to get me to Fort Bragg and beyond for my SOS Survey at Virgin Creek and a walk up Ten Mile Beach. It looked like it was going to be a foggy day but it turned out alright. There were plenty of  shorebirds at Virgin Creek and I had the beach to myself. Combining the totals for Virgin Creek and Ten Mile I had 83 Black-bellied Plovers, 54 Black Turnstones, 15 Surfbirds, 79 Sanderlings, and 22 Dunlin. The high numbers of Dunlin surprised me for this time of year. A review of Ebird data shows that they are turning up in higher numbers during this time then other years.

The big news is that while I was on the Haul Rd. overlooking Lake Cleone I spotted the American Bittern out near the outlet that goes under the road. It seemed oblivious to the high number of cars going by but when I tried to get closer it moved back into the reeds.

I’m glad it stayed around. 

The walk up Ten Mile Beach produced nothing new but I did find another coastal Horned Lark near Fenn Creek.

 That’s 244 birds and over 2686 carbon producing truck miles saved.



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