Goal Reached—Pushin’ On

When I first started this “green” birding year experiment I estimated that I would see 230/240 birds. In a fit of madness with things going so well I stated that maybe 260 was possible. This last Wednesday I reached the 240 number. It was during my wait time as a driver for the Lodge at the Woods that I was able to spend about 40 minutes at Lake Cleone. This picture of Lake Cleone was the first picture I used in a post.

Lake Cleone

The lake has been busy lately with sightings of American Bittern, Canvasbacks, and Eurasian Wigeon posted on the local bird site. I first went to see if I could find the Bittern. No luck! I’m sort of glad about not finding it because number 240 was what I think is the most striking of all ducks, the Canvasback. My picture below doesn’t do it justice because I was shooting into some glare. Check it out in a bird guide.

Not wanting to stop at 240 I found the Eurasian Wigeon that was found by birder, Steve Stump earlier in the week.

According to Wikipedia, “It breeds in the northernmost areas of Europe and Asia.[6] It is the Old World counterpart of North America’s American Wigeon. It is strongly migratory and winters further south than its breeding range…It can be found as an uncommon winter visitor in the United States on the mid-Atlantic and Pacific coasts. It is a rare visitor to the rest of the United States.”  

This bird is in between nonbreeding and breeding plumage.

Total as of this Wednesday are 241 birds with over 2538 carbon producing truck miles saved. 






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