Birding For the Week

Not much happening as far as my birding this week. On Thursday I went to Lake Cleone to try for an American Bittern that had been sighted there. No luck but it has been seen again at the same location. Bitterns can hid well. I stopped at Virgin Creek Beach on the way. While there I had the Peregrine Falcon experience again. 

As you can see it flew right over me. There’s very little cropping done on this picture. It made a dive on three Long-billed Dowitchers but missed. 

Found a pair of Northern Harriers in the reeds at Lake Cleone (might be why the Bittern wasn’t seen).

So I had a raptor (not rapture) day.

Friday was my wife’s birthday so I wisely didn’t do any birding.

Saturday I surveyed the Little River Airport. It was an ugly day, cold and foggy for most of the time I was there. I saw nothing new to add to my year list.

Still at 239 bird species with over 2538 carbon producing truck miles saved.


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