Spring Ranch Birding

They’re not exactly working me to death at my little part time job so I took off to do some local birding at Spring Ranch just down the road from me. Spring Ranch is mostly coastal grassland with some trees on the north and south with the ocean on the west. I haven’t birded this area much but I’m starting to enjoy the area. They seem to mow the grass around the boundary of the ranch (probably for fire prevention) which creates a lot of short grass. Perfect for certain sparrow species.

 There are several old barns on the property that local groups are trying to restore. The history of Spring Ranch can be found here.

There are two benches with plaques on them overlooking the ocean.

Did I see anything? I knew I could do it! I found a coastal Horned Lark. This is a little better picture which shows why they are named “Horned” Larks.

There was a Cackling Goose that I ran into several times. 

There were many gulls flying by, Oystercatchers, Turnstones, and Cormorants on the rocks, and Savannah Sparrows in the grass. The only things wrong with my birding experience was that it was cold and foggy. Fog has returned to the coast. 



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