Update: Miami is Doomed!

Back in July, I blogged that Miami is Doomed! It actually received a fair amount of attention. This morning I found this article by Joe Romm titled, “Miami Herald Story On City’s Worsening Coastal Flooding Never Mentions Global Warming Or Sea Level Rise“. With quotes like this, “It gets super flooded from the tide every couple of months,” said [Moses] Schwartz who lived on the island for more than 20 years before moving to the Brickell area on the mainland. “It’s getting worse and worse as the years go by.” and this, “Rodriguez said the city is thinking of short-term fixes to deal with the issue.“We’re looking at improving our sea walls and raising some of them,” she said.In search of a long-term solution, a delegation recently returned from the Netherlands, Rodriguez said, and the city will determine which of that country’s strategies to hold back high tides can be used here.“Some of their ideas we can do, others we can’t as we are in different geographic areas,” Rodriguez said.”

I mentioned why Miami can’t be fixed in the original post. “South Florida sits above a vast and porous limestone plateau.”

I will quote from a Rolling Stone article, “But the unavoidable truth is that sea levels are rising and Miami is on its way to becoming an American Atlantis. It may be another century before the city is completely underwater (though some more-pessimistic­ scientists predict it could be much sooner), but life in the vibrant metropolis of 5.5 million people will begin to dissolve much quicker, most likely within a few decades. The rising waters will destroy Miami slowly, by seeping into wiring, roads, building foundations and drinking-water supplies – and quickly, by increasing the destructive power of hurricanes. “Miami, as we know it today, is doomed,” says Harold Wanless, the chairman of the department of geological sciences at the University of Miami. “It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.”

Miami is in a state (Florida) of denial!

 Another article as to why this is happening can be found here.


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