American Avocets

This Wednesday morning I had a chance to get down to Virgin Creek while waiting for a Lodge resident to conclude his VA session north of Fort Bragg. I was going to walk the bluffs looking for–you guessed it–Horned Larks. When I got down to the beach I was surprised to see two American Avocets resting near the surf line on the main beach. American Avocets are very rare here in Mendocino County, more so here on the coast. I had given up on seeing them this year having missed them at the Ukiah Waste Treatment Plant. There have been no American Avocets Ebirded in the month of October. Based on the curvature of the bills they might be male and female. Females have a more curved bill. They are number 237 for the year. 



2 thoughts on “American Avocets

  1. Nice find! We ave been seeing lots of meadowlarks at ten mie and our home on the south fork, but no horned larks either… Sorry about my spelling errors! This contraption is not cooperating today.

    • Alison–I’ve found my Horned Larks but not on the coast. Will blog about it soon. Good thing you commented on the spelling errors, I would have called 911 for you.

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