What’s Happening at the Airport?

I don’t write about my birding at the Little River Airport much because I haven’t seen anything new in awhile. I shouldn’t get into that habit of only writing about “year” birds found. Things have moved into a late Fall/winter mode. Birders have a different way of telling what the seasons are. We know the season by what birds are here. In the last few weeks the Fox and Savannah Sparrows, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and Hermit Thrush have arrived. A week ago last Saturday there were no Yellow-rumped Warblers and this Saturday there were 9. I had my first Red-breasted Nuthatch since last Fall/winter invasion where we had remarkable numbers of them.

Something that is new to the airport is finding Lincoln’s Sparrows amongst the sparrow flocks. I only first found one last year. This year I’ve found two. Something else that’s new is the length of time Western Tanagers have stayed. They have been seen for 7 straight weeks this year with a max of 7. I don’t even find them every year. Western Tanagers are uncommon on the coast and we normally only see them in the Fall.

Another thing that’s new at the airport is the amount of water in the west ponds.

A series of ponds feed water to the Little River Golf Course. I’ve never seen this happen except for the time they had to drain them to fix a leak in a small dam. It shows how much rain we’ve had this year.

With the Wednesday’s Lapland Longspur I’ve seen 234 bird species and have saved over 2294 carbon producing truck miles this year.



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