Let’s Bike

Travel by bike is one third of my methods for birding Mendocino County. I have come across many biking articles over this year. I use an Apple App called “Pocket” to save these articles for latter reading. I’m going to unclutter my “Pocket” of bike articles with this post.

I’m going to start with a non biking article that is titled, “Americans Spent Highest Percentage Of Income In 30 Years On Fuel In 2012″. Even though Americans are cutting down on how often they hit up the gas pump, as a country we’re paying a higher percentage of our incomes on gasoline than we have in the last 30 years. The Energy Department said in a new report that U.S. households shelled out an average of $2,912 last year for gas, or about 4% of their pretax income.”

Another report from the Union of Concerned Scientists (which we are having fun imagining as a room full of stern faces) says there’s even more bad news when it comes to fuel prices — you’re probably going to spend the same amount on gasoline during your vehicle’s life as it cost to buy.”

So why do we keep driving? Maybe we’re not!

Bike Share Revolution: U.S. Fleet More than Doubles in 2013: This article states, “San Francisco’s launch of Bay Area Bike Share has pushed the United States bicycle sharing fleet above 18,000, more than double the number of bikes in service since the beginning of the year. Bay Area Bike Share launched with 700 bikes and 70 stations in San Francisco, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and San Jose with ambitious plans to eventually expand to 10,000 bikes. There are now 34 bike-sharing programs in the U.S. with the biggest being New York’s Citi Bike, which launched earlier this year with 6,000 bicycles at 332 stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

The U.S. fleet could double again next year when Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland (Oregon), Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle and other smaller cities are expected to launch bike sharing programs.

Bike sharing is booming across the world, with 500,000 bicycles rolling around 500 cities in 49 countries. China operates the biggest bike sharing system in the world, with four cities that have more bikes than the entire U.S. — Wuhan, Hangzhou, Zhuzhou and Shanghai. Paris is the only non-Chinese city in the top five, coming in third. Vélibcovers the Paris region with nearly 24,000 bicycles and claims to have the highest density in the world with one bike per 97 city residents.”

Biking is the best way to get somewhere fast while getting in shape: The title of this article is obvious.

This amazing 81-year-old still bikes 30 miles a day: This article states, “

Like Noel Newton. Noel lives in Toowoomba, Australia, on the east coast — not that far from Brisbane, if you know where that is. Noel is 81, and most days he goes out for a bike ride. Generally, he’ll go about 30 miles. Why does he do it? Here’s what he told the Chronicle:

“I have always liked bike riding over running because with bike riding you can knock it back down a few cogs and you will come good,” he said.

“You could go forever.”

We’re not completely sure what “knock it back down a few cogs” is Australian for — something about drinking beer, right? — but this sounds right to us.”

RCA Students Design a Disposable Paper Helmet Strong Enough to Save Your Life: would you wear one of these?

This article will fill you in on the advantages of this approach.

DIY: Learn How to Build a Portable Shopping Cart That Attaches to Your Bike: This is a fascinating idea especially for city people.

The plans are here.

Electric bicycles to be a $11 billion industry by 2020:  Need help going uphill? Check out this article.

“Electric bikes are an extremely environmentally-friendly way to get around, so we’re all for more of them! Regular bikes are even cleaner, but the advantages of e-bikes shouldn’t be underestimated; a lot of e-bike riders might not bike nearly as much if they didn’t have an electric motor to assist them, because they have a long commute, or they live in a hilly area, or because of some medical condition, or even sheer laziness. The reasons don’t matter as much as getting more people biking!”
This doohickey turns your normal bike into an electric bike: “In a Kickstarter that’s actually cool, some Lithuanian guys have invented a gadget you plop on your bike that turns your steel steed electric — without the weight and cost of an e-bike. The waterproof Rubbee sits on your back tire, where it spins like crazy, propelling you up hill and over dale (why Dale’s lying in the street, I don’t know).” Read about it here.
And finally something that will take you back to your childhood days.
Scrooser Is a Fuelless Foot-Powered Scooter That Makes You Feel Like Superman!: “Although it looks like a something out of the Batman franchise, the Scrooser is a realfoot-powered scooter that helps commuters cruise the city at speeds up to 15 miles per hour without using a drop of fuel. The cool-looking vehicle features an impulse drive electric motor that augments the energy generated by the rider’s foot pushing off. A single charge of the lithium-ion battery should last about 25 days in Eco-Mode in an urban environment.” Read about it here and here..


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