Lapland Longspur

I had a late Wednesday afternoon drive with a Lodge Resident into Mendocino. This drive would involve a hour wait time. I could have window shopped in town with it’s many fine shops but decided to bird the Headlands. When I got out there the winds were at 20+mph. I pondered if it would be worth the effort to even get out of the car. I spotted a small bird battling the winds. As it went by I heard it’s dry rattle flight call and knew it was probably a Longspur. I went looking for it. Only took a short time to locate the Lapland Longspur in the short grass near the bluffs. I didn’t have my camera with me and this is what it looked like using my ITouch.

This is what it looks like when I found one in the same location last year.

Lapland Longspurs are listed as rare here in Mendocino. They alway seem to show up in October and most of them have been found here on the Mendocino Headlands. Below is their range map from my Sibley Bird App.

As you can see they should be well north of us. No one knows where these Longspurs go when they leave Mendocino. 



One thought on “Lapland Longspur

  1. Great sighting! Thanks for sharing the photos: I’m convinced! See how your dedication pays off? Maybe it’s the postal service ethic still in you… Neither wind nor rain nor sleet nor hail… Richard will bird without fail! And deliver the Rare Bird each time.

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