The IPCC Climate Report-The Real Reason Republicans What to Shut Down the Government

The IPCC Climate Report-The Real Reason Republicans What to Shut Down the Government. Just so you know, I made up that title. I have no information to support it but just think, if every media source is talking about the coming government shutdown whose reading and reporting about the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report which came out this last Friday. The actual report is at the IPCC’s website. It appears to be a detailed and highly technical report so I will let you read it:) I will rely on sites like that have people who report on these things. They have an article titled, “15 Things You Should Know About The New IPCC Report On Climate Science”.

The number one thing that people should know–“It’s happening and we’re doing it: This report concludes that the earth is unequivocally changing, and the evidence is clear that humans have a large role in how it has changed over the last 60 years.”

The 15th thing that everyone should know is the–“Blistering pace: To put the report’s findings in perspective, Stanford scientists Noah Diffenbaugh and Chris Field found that the current pace of warming is happening 10 times faster than any time over the last 65 million years.”

Go to the link about to read the article by Ryan Koronowski and see what’s between number one and fifteen.

One of the graphs provided by The IPCC report is this one on sea level rise. It only seems to be going up.


Back in April, I wrote a post titled, “So—What’s the Hurry?“. The IPCC scientists must have read it:) The number 6 thing that everyone should know is–“Global pollution ceiling: For the first time, the world’s leading climate scientists officially called for an absolute upper limit on greenhouse gas emissions to limit warming. To have a 66 percent chance of limiting warming to 2°C, the world can’t emit more than 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide, total. Or 800 gigatons when accounting for methane emissions and land use changes. For context, by 2011, humans had already emitted 531 gigatons of CO2. Known fossil fuel reserves represent 2,795 gigatons, meaning burning more than 10 percent of them pushes the world over 2° of warming.”

Updated September 29, 2013:

Inside Climate News has a multimedia presentation on the IPCC’ s report on their website


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